Busoga Forestry Company (BFC) Ltd is a subsidiary of Green Resources AS (GRAS), Africa’s leading Forestation Company and a leader in East African wood processing. GRAS owns 40,000ha of standing forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, established through its own planting activities. It also operates East Africa’s largest sawmill in Tanzania, transmission pole treatment and charcoal plants in,Tanzania and Uganda. GRAS is also one of the first global companies to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests.

staffBFC was established on 14 March 1996 with registration number 31967, and Uganda Investment Authority License number ASD/254/42101. It is a fully paid up member of the Uganda Timber Growers Association, the Uganda Manufacturers’ Association and is a registered tax payer with Uganda Revenue Authority.

It has established forest plantations in Bukaleba and Kachung Central Forest Reserves (CFR), in the districts of Mayuge and Dokolo, respectively. The company holds two 50-year renewable tree planting licenses to establish and manage forest plantations on 6,466ha in Bukaleba CFR, in Mayuge district on the shores of Lake Victoria and 2,669 ha in Kachung CFR in Dokolo district, North of Lake Kyoga.

The company started industrial operations in 2010 with installation of a pole treatment plant at Masese industrial area in Jinja, producing power distribution poles and treated construction timber.

BFC uses wood from existing and new plantations to produce high-value-added products based on the needs of our customers. The company follows the highest corporate social & environmental standards including principles and criteria for responsible forest management. BFC aims at becoming an attractive alternative for investors otherwise reluctant to invest in emerging markets and are a favored partner for development organizations.

GRAS' vision is to establish large, sustainably-managed forest and agro-forestry plantations that will create the basis for the long-term growth and value creation.

GRAS' mision is to establish Africa’s leading afforestation, carbon offset and wood products Company working for the benefit of its shareholders, employees and the communities where it operates.

GRAS' Values

  1. Establish and maintain fast growing and high-quality forests
  2. Use the forests plantations as a vehicle to mitigate climate change
  3. Provide first-class products and services to our customers
  4. Adhere to high environmental and social standards
  5. Contribute to rural development and national sustainable development objectives
  6. Generate good returns on the investment
  7. Be the preferred employer in our industry, as well as the preferred partner for local communities and our customers
  8. Invest in people and our staff
  9. Employees who perform well, and show commitment, loyalty and integrity, will be fostered and rewarded
  10. Zero tolerance towards discrimination, poor working conditions, work-related accidents and corruption
  11. Committed to meet international standards for transparency and communicate openly and regularly with key stakeholders

Green Resources believes that effective stakeholder engagement across its operations is vital to the success of the business. In line with aiming to take a more structured approach to stakeholder engagement and management, GR has dedicated Environmental and Social Governance teams, overseen by the ESG Director.

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