• poles

    Utility poles

    BFC operates a wood treatment plant that produces poles for power lines, telecom poles treated using environmentally-friendly Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) preservative.

  • pine_timber

    Sawn timber

    The quality and performance requirements of the construction industry demands choice and product availability. For internal building timbers and general carpentry, BFC has a complete range of sawn timber available.

  • pine seedlings

    Pine Seedlings - Pinus Caribaea

    The company has two well established tree nurseries (Bukaleba in Bukaleba plantation; and Akori in Kachung plantation) with a production capacity of 4,000,000 tree seedlings per year.

  • eucalyptus seedlings

    Eucalyptus Clones - GU & GC

    Our nurseries are SPGS (Sawlog Production Grant Scheme) certified for quality seedling production. We produce Hybrid Eucalyptus clones like Grandis Camaldulensis (GC) and Grandis Urophora (GU).

  • fencing posts

    Fencing posts

    Treated and untreated (7ft & 10ft))

  • Stay stubs

    In various sizes

  • wood logs

    wood Logs, Billets e.t.c

  • Carbon credits

    Carbon Credits