Corporate Social Responsibility

All of Green Resources’ carbon offset revenues are reinvested in the countries where they were generated and 10% is used for community development initiatives. As part of the community development plan, BFC has implemented several activities in surrounding communities focusing on health, education, improved livelihoods and promotion of alternative income generation activities. These include;

  • Infrastructure; BFC has opened up, upgraded and on a regular basis maintained community roads in its areas of operation.
  • Girl Child Education; The company offers full bursaries coupled with other school requirements to needy children to attend basic and secondary education as well as purse studies in higher institutions of learning both within and outside the district of Mayuge.
  • Health Programs; BFC offers medical supplies on a quarterly basis to Nkombe and Bukatube Health Centre II. Health facilities have been rehabilitated through installation of solar panels and set up including a maternity ward and children's wards in Bukaleba and Kachung respectively.
  • BFC supplies medical drugs to Bukatube health centreThe company supplies drugs to these centers  on a quarterly basis. With financial support from regional NGOs, the company has implemented HIV/ AIDS awareness training programs in Bukaleba, Kachung and surrounding communities.
  • Clean & Safe Water; BFC has so far drilled and constructed three bore holes and protected four water springs in and around Bukaleba. In Kachung, five bore holes and three protected springs have been rehabilitated.

  • Community Tree Planting; The local communities are provided with free tree seedlings to establish private community woodlots. This is to aid the process of poverty eradication which is a millennium development goal for Uganda. Local communities are allowed access to fuel wood, grass, fodder and medicines sustainably. Tree planting skills and techniques have also been passed on to the local communities.
Reports & Policies