Forestry and Environmental conservation

Today, the most important environmental problems the planet is facing today include Climate Change, Energy, land, management, waste, loss of biodiversity and deforestation among others. Green Resources, to which BFC is a subsidiary, recognizes the importance of protecting and conserving biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem services and sustainably managing living natural resources, and that these are fundamental to sustainable development.

lake The company intends to protect all high conservation value areas and uses the High Conservation Value Forest Toolkit to indentify and protect valuable areas.

Green Resources is firmly committed to sustainable forest management practices as well as interacting and maintaining open dialogues with stakeholders and all parties as far as our operations are concerned.

The company also adheres to the Convention on Biological Divesity and its three objectives;

  • The conservation of biological diversity.
  • The sustainable use of its components.
  • The fair and adequate sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.

Our plantations (Bukaleba and Kachung plantations) are certified under responsible forest management council.