Utility Poles

BFC uses raw materials from both own plantations (Bukaleba & Kachung Plantations) and outsources from farmers across the country to produce utility poles. The species currently used are Eucalyptus Grandis and Eucalyptus hybrids (Clones) and these must be at least 8 year of age in order to have the right wood density and fiber strength.

Poles are air seasoned for at least 2 (two) months to ensure that moisture content falls to below 30% for preservative treatment. The poles are checked for any physical damages, diameter, straightness, moisture content and any other parameters based on the customer’s requirements. The service life of these poles can be extended by effective preservative treatment to protect the timber against the threat of fungal, decay or insect attack.

Poles are treated using environmentally-friendly Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) preservative or tanalith.

utility-polesQuality assurance
BFC has established Quality management systems to monitor and control quality for both treated and untreated poles. The company produces products that meet national and international quality standards and thus, holds Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and ISO 9001 certificates. In addition, treated wood samples are occasionally sent to third party laboratories for testing and this helps to guarantee the quality of our product.


Delivery & Transportation
BFC offers delivery services for its clients at a small fee depending on the destination. This is made possible by the availability of the suitable fleets to offer the service for up to any order.

Utility Poles produced include;
  • Electricity distribution poles - 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m
  • Fencing posts - 7ft, 10ft, 12ft
  • Building poles (scaffolds)
  • Stay stubs