Sawn Timber

BFC operates a modern and efficient sawmill with a total production capacity of 40m3 per day. The sawmill enables the company to ensure the availability of big stocks of timber of different species and sizes to any client at all times. BFC mills both Softwood Timber (Pine)- Mainly utilized for furniture, structural and industrial purposes as well as Hardwood Timber (Eucalyptus & Maesopsis – Musizi) - Mainly for furniture, industrial and laminated structural components.

Timber treatment
Timber is pressure-treated using environmentally-friendly Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) preservative or tanalith. This is done on customer request.

The timber produced meets stringent quality standards that enhance uniformity and make our locally produced timber acceptable not only in the local market but also internationally. The timber is graded correctly so that it can be utilized with confidence for the purpose it was intended for.

eucalyptus-timber Treated_Timber

Having our own wood procurement operations enables us to acquire the right raw material to meet our customers’ requirements. The wood used has grown slowly for over 10 years, which makes it dense and the logs straight and long with a high proportion of heartwood.

Delivery services
BFC offers delivery services for its clients at a small fee depending on the destination. This is made possible by the availability of the suitable fleet to offer the service.