BFC organises HCT activity for community members and staff

BFC - Kachung Plantaion Project (KPP) in collaboration with Development Initiatives International (DII) and AIDS Information Centre (AIC), Lira conducted a mass  HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) activity on the 22nd April, 2016 at the plantation station in Adok Sub-County, Dokolo District. The Key objectives of the activity were to create awareness and increase knowledge about HIV/AIDS among the community members, avail opportunity of voluntary Counseling and Testing to the members of the community  and to increase partnership and collaborative efforts in addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS as well as other related challenges in the community. 

The activity attracted over 200 community members surrounding the plantation including plantation staff and workers. AIC's staff and peer educators conducted pre and post health trainings including sessions in awareness and prevention, Counseling and correct condom use among others. Over 100 members, including male and female tested for HIV and 5,760 male condoms were distributed during the activity.

Below left is one of the members being counselled before being tested. Right is one of the BFC staff being tested.