BFC distributes agricultural inputs to communities

Food insecurity is one of the biggest challenges faced by rural communities in Uganda especially in the northern parts of the country. BFC through its community development program has adopted an intensive approach as part of its strategy to create an enabling environment for farmers to improve productivity and enhance food security in these communities.

A socio-economic impact assessment conducted in 2016, indicated that majority of the people (nearly 82%) can only afford two meals a day and in a span of 2-3 months hence the efforts towards boosting food security and improving livelihood of the communities around the Kachung Central Forest Reserve. The food security program started in 2017 with over 400 households where community members have been trained in various approaches including use of improved seed, better land management practices, post-harvest technologies as well as environment conservation.

In May 2019, community members received agricultural inputs including fertilizers, drought resistant, high yielding and fast growing maize and cassava cuttings. Cassava is one of the food crops that are able to survive in the dry season.

BFC continues to implement several activities focusing on health, education, improved livelihoods and promotion of alternative income generation activities among others in communities surrounding its areas of operation.


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