BFC renovates and expands its wood treatment plant

Last November, BFC completed the expansion of its wood treatment plant in Masese, Jinja. The $300,000 project which was completed last November not only promises increased productivity but higher quality as well. The plant now has a minimum production capacity of about 20m³ per charge.

Pressure treated timber is produced when timber is placed under a vacuum and under pressure to force chemical preservatives into the wood. The process generally increases the durability and resistance from being destroyed by insects or fungus.

The Managing Director, John Ferguson, explained the decision to use the services of Dolphin bay. “We particularly wanted to take advantage of Dolphin’s experience in the design and installation of CCA treatment plants. The supply of ‘everything under one roof’, that is, training, the chemicals and after-sales service, was a huge draw card as well.

The expansion of the treatment plant enhances the company’s ability to meet the growing market and demand for treated poles and sawn timber. The Industrial Manager, Ms Sarah Nassunna stated that “the growing market for treated wood products in Africa highlights the demand for quality wood treatment products coupled with technical expertise. This expansion provides a platform for BFC to showcase its ability to provide a product as well as technical services on which its customers’ can confidently depend.”

BFC’s industrial operations include a pole treatment plant and a modern sawmill which handle Eucalyptus pole treatment and sawn timber respectively. Over the past 10 years, BFC has built a solid reputation as a reliable supplier of quality timber not only locally but to East African countries including Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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