Green Resources Appoints New CEO

We are pleased to announce that Hans Lemm has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Green Resources. Hans will start in his new position on 1 April 2019.

Hans LemmFor the past 8 years Hans has been the CEO of the Kilombero Valley Teak Company (KVTC) in Tanzania.  During his tenure at KVTC, the company has transformed from a business opportunity to a healthy forest industry recognized across the region and beyond for its financial performance and sustainability.

Aside of his role at KVTC, Hans has also been a director at a number of Boards of portfolio companies of the Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund (managed by Criterion Africa Partners) . Based on his in-depth knowledge of forestry in the East African environment, Hans has served on several advisory boards and has been a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars.

Frode Alhaug, the Chairman of Green Resources, expresses great satisfaction with the appointment of Hans to the CEO position of Green Resources and says: “Hans Lemm meets our qualification requirements and is moreover familiar with Green Resources and the setting the company is operating in. He has the background and focus on operations and industrial development that will realize value for the owners through his ability to work with our team of competent leaders and employees”

In Green Resources, we will work to ensure a smooth transition from KVTC, and we wish Hans a warm welcome to our team and a successful continuation of his career in Green Resources.