BFC expands its mechanization with Matriarch Skogger

Busoga Forestry Company Ltd. (BFC) operates a modern sawmill with a production capacity of 40m³ per day. This therefore requires the availability of logs to meet the machines production capacity. Over time the company has been faced with a challenge of extracting timber logs from the forest after they’ve been harvested, which in turn caused delayed in milling timber. This caused delays in meeting customer’s orders in time.

The company has been using bell logger for extraction and loading of timber but due to log delivery challenges, the sawmill has been operating at a low capacity affecting our commitment to meet the growing customer demand, hence the need for a better equipment.

The acquisition of the Matriarch Skogger, with better traction, higher engine and lifting capacities, will go a long way in improving the timber production and in turn improve customer satisfaction.


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