Sustainable forests: Growing Tomorrow's Forests Today

In this ecological age, trees have more value than providing timber: they prevent floods, store carbon, increase biodiversity, improve conservation and improve livelihoods.

BFC has planted has in the last 2 months planted 63ha and plan to plant 250ha in the next planting season between April and May 2019. The company has a modern and vibrant nursery that supplies the company with healthy, mature and cost effective seedlings. Species planted include Pine -  Pinus caribaea & Pinus Eliotii Caribaea Hybrid , Uro grandis, Clones (Grandis Urophylla and Grandis Camaldulensis) and some indeginous species like Maesopsis Eminii (Musizi).

BFC holds two 50-year tree planting licenses and has to date planted 6,724Ha on previously degraded forest land in Kachung and Bukaleba CFRs. Afforestation has proved to be a land use system that not only restores these forests but also put food on tables, create hundreds of jobs directly or indirectly and address climate change.

Community tree planting: The Company has supported farmers who are interested in tree planting, by providing seedlings to plant on their own land. Since 2009, seedlings worth over 10,500,000 shillings have been given out to communities to establish their own woodlots.


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