BFC trains communities in making energy saving stoves

Green Resources, Kachung Plantation Project implemented a project for promotion of efficient energy saving cook stoves in communities surrounding Kachung Central Forest reserve.

The purpose of the training was toCook stove

  • Ease the burden of fuel wood collection
  • Minimize fuel wood consumption
  • Promote environmental conservation thereby mitigating the effects of climate change.
  • Enable the plantation retain as much plant biomass as possible on site. (Lignocelluloses e.g. forest residue which includes dead trees, Branches and tree stumps.)

Wood remains the largest biomass energy source to date but with the challenge of trees being cut faster than they are being replaced, accessing firewood is very difficult as people have to move long distances to collect enough firewood to make food for a day or two. This puts rural women at a disadvantage as they work for longer hours than men, have limited access to resources and lack control over what they produce.

Among their many other tasks, they bear the burden of ensuring that their households are adequately fed. It is important to note that lack of fuel wood has a direct impact on food security as lack of access to fuel wood results to people being able to cook and hence eat fewer meals which is an example of food insecurity.

This project aims at improving food security in the area and provide an alternative source of income for those who can work in groups and produce enough stoves for sale to the rest of the homesteads and surrounding areas. A good example on this is one of the ladies who now earns income from making these stoves.

The Kachung plantation is surrounded by 17 villages. The trainings were conducted in the different villages including one at Akori plantation station to enable BFC workers be part of this activity as they are part of the community as well.
The training targeted the women as they are the ones faced with the burden of collecting firewood. A total of 211 community members were successfully trained.

Advantages of using this stove include

  • It heats up very fast and the clay retains heat that enables food cook longer with less fire wood
  • It is portable
  • Produces less smoke compared to the three stones
  • Lasts for a very long time

If 7 out of every 10 people trained are able to use energy saving cook stoves in their homes, the amount of fuel collected and used in homesteads will be seen to tremendously reduce. The community appreciated BFC’s efforts in trying to improve their livelihood.